Welcome To The Curry Capital of Britain

Welcome to my personal blog where I will be travelling the United Kingdom and United States trying to determine which city in either country contains the best curry houses. This idea is in no way unique and I’m not claiming it for myself, however I would like to carry this trend on – hopefully inspiring a few people like myself to try out some of the more authentic dishes on offer.

I can hear you wondering why I feel like I have what it takes to produce such a review? Well, I was born in Oadby, a small area within the lovely Leicestershire countryside back in 1990 and have always loved trying out new authentic Indian styled curries. Over the years I assume that I’ve probably visited over 500 different restaurants and I’m not sure there are many people around that can say that they have such a level of exposure. I’ve never grown out of how much I love curry either, many people are very hit and miss – but growing up in a traditionally muslim family, I have eaten curry for the majority of my life. There is no point asking me to choose my favourite curry at the moment, as there are simply so many that I couldn’t do without – curries are wonderful dishes because they are truly varied and can be suitable for a wide range of occasions. If it’s a hot day, I generally wont want a hot dish, I’ll choose something much more mild – whereas if I am cold and need heating up, then nothing beats a spicy dish – for me at least.

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I’m not sure how regularly that I will be posting on my blog, however I initially intend on keeping you updated on the latest places I visit (towns, cities or countries) and of course all of the interesting restaurants and dishes I manage to try out while I’m there. Please post any of your own personal recommendations, I’d love to try out new things and am more than willing to travel far and wide to do so. I’m currently planning on visiting Glasgow again this year, it has always been a great place to visit if you’re a curry fanatic like myself – in terms of going abroad, I’m actually supposed to be visiting relatives in Los Angeles and will certainly keep you all posted on anything I find over there too!

I’m also hoping to keep you posted on the other ongoings in my life, what my current job status is, all of my other side projects and what my other hobbies are too. This is supposed to not only be a curry themed blog, but also a chance for me to keep a life log – I’m not sure who these pieces will be directed at, however hopefully it appeals to some people out there! Do let me know if you’re getting bored about hearing about this stuff though! That’s all for today anyway guys, I’ll update the blog as soon as possible! Let’s all speak very soon – Paloma x

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