My Favourite Restaurants

Being born and raised in Leicester, I’ve experienced a wide range of different types of Indian restaurants in my life – however I’m now fully aware of the fact that the majority of the top restaurants are located in London. Fortunately I’m now based there so I can provide you all with a true top 3 list of all of my favourite eateries. Now that we’ve officially left the cold Winter period, we’re actually coming out of prime Indian food time. Despite this, I always manage to enjoy eating Indian food all year long.

Number one on my top 3 list has to go to Gymkhana, located in London – postcode W1. Gymkhana has a particularly diverse array of different dishes on their menu, my favourites have to include the Mintjac deer Biryani – this is a very unique dish, all of the meat is freshly cooked and caught fairly locally too. While this isn’t traditionally Indian meat, the style of cooking certainly is. Gymkhana boasts some of London’s finest Indian chefs too – they always present their food in a way that moistens the taste buds.

Number two goes to Indian Zing, another restaurant that is far and away from all of your standard restaurants. Here you can expect to find a wide array of traditionally cooked dishes, gorgeous fresh breads and vegetables alike. I would personally recommend to go for one of Indian Zing’s mixed platter dishes so that you can try a bit of everything and get the thoroughly authentic experience. The restaurant is located in West London – postcode W6.

Number three was hard to pick, however I decided to go for Masala Zone – this place offers a gorgeous selection of Indian Street foods, my favourite from their extensive selection includes pao bhaji, golgappa and some of their freshly baked sundries too. Why did I pick this restaurant for number 3? Well, this place epitomises authentic Indian cuisine and their service really is second to none.

It was extremely difficult for me to whittle down all of the fantastic Indian restaurants in London, however I feel like I’ve done the best job I possibly could. All in all, there is a long list of restaurants all across the UK that I’d love to recommend, but if you find yourself in London – you can’t go wrong with any of the ones listed above. Each of them focuses on providing you with traditional foods that are fresh, excellent service and great ways of displaying their dishes too. The ultimate Indian experience, you wont leave hungry, with an empty wallet or disappointed in any way. What I will say is that the majority of the top Indian restaurants will be found in East and West London, I can’t really think of any stand out examples anywhere else – but please let me know if there are any that you feel like should belong on my top list. I’ll look at providing you all with a more detailed list of reviews in the future.


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