Getting Into Sports

Over the past year I’ve been looking into trying out a wide range of new sports, I’ve been pretty stuck with what to finally stick to however. I’ve always been into running, jogging and walking through the countryside – however, since I moved down to London from Leicestershire’s gorgeous countryside, I’ve found it difficult to get that same country feeling whenever I’m out and about. As a result I’ve kind of narrowed down my list of potential options to a handful, firstly there’s the obvious option for me to get onto my bike and try cycling to some more scenic areas in London’s surrounding areas.


My issue with cycling is that if I’m going to use that as my form of exercise then I’d need my bicycle to be portable, at least to a certain extent. I travel a fair bit and it would be nice to have some way to get around whenever I’m using a train or plane. The only viable option therefore would be some form of folding bike, these are a relatively new introduction to the cycling community and living in London I’m seeing more and more of these on a daily basis. I’d like a lightweight folding bike too – these are pretty hard to find unless you’ve got a big wallet, so I’ve got a bit of searching to do if I choose to go down this route.

Another option for me is to get a motorbike and then just travel to any particular activity that I choose to pursue. Some other activities that I’ve been thinking about are rowing, quite a unique hobby. But I figured that this would definitely help to keep me fit, plus there’s a local rowing club situated fairly close to me as well. It’s also really cheap to get into, generally all you need is a gym membership and because of this I could possibly purchase a lightweight folding bike and also get into rowing too. This is something I’m certainly considering, the only thing that is really holding me back is the fact that I’ve never actually rowed before and I’d like to meet the people at the rowing club before diving in and buying a year long membership.

The other few options I’ve listed down is swimming, gymnastics and a few recreational hobbies too – like golf. These are more for socialising than keeping fit, I realise I’m never going to become amazing at swimming as I’ve always been awful at it, regarding gymnastics and golf – I’ve never really considered these in the past, however as I grow older I’m getting more and more interested in trying new things out. Hopefully one day I pluck up the courage to get out there and give them all a go, we will have to see if that every materialises though! Thanks again for tuning in guys, I appreciate all of your support – let me know what you think about my first personal styled blog post, I’ll take any requests into consideration for the future.

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