So after spending a while looking around for what type of hobby I’d be interested in getting into, I’ve decided to try the option of both cycling and rowing together. I want to go for a folding bike because I believe they offer the best flexibility for me and more specifically a folding mountain bike. I managed to find an awesome website that helps people choose their first foldable mountain bike and indeed the best folding bike for each individual person too – no matter their requirements. Their folding bike reviews are pretty extensive and they cover almost every brand on the market too, it’s given me a real insight into what I’d like in a bicycle and all of the intricate benefits that all of them offer. Right now I think the best brand, from what I’ve read so far, is Dahon – they’re generally well made and are always reviewed very well too.

It’s difficult to choose a bike solely on reviews that you read on the internet because there’s no scale to gauge any of the reported specifications on, however I think they do provide a good overview of what you’re likely to end up receiving. I think the best thing to do is read a variety of different reviews, from different authors and therefore you have the ability to compare differing opinions. I’ve done this and found that there are certain folding bike models that come up again and again. In terms of mountain bicycles, there are far less brands currently producing these types of models – however there’s a lot of bikes out there and plenty for you to choose from.

Anyway, I’m planning on getting out and about as much as possible now that the weather here in London is finally getting better – I’m going to be here posting pictures of the bike I purchase, all the journeys I make via Strava, all the different places I visit – and of course all the different restaurants I manage to cycle to as well. I’m going to be signing up to the local rowing club as soon as my folding mountain bike arrives, I’m assuming I’ll have one here at my house at the end of this week and I’m intending on using it next weekend. Fingers crossed that the weather holds up and we start to see some Spring sunshine, who knows – I may even be fit, healthy and a seasoned bike rider by the time the summer arrives.

I’m really excited about this year moving forward, I think it’s going to be a really good year for me – particularly now we’ve got the winter out of the way. I’m excited, as always about trying out a whole range of new traditional curry based dishes, keeping myself fit and hopefully – at some point, travelling the world too. As always, I’m really happy with the growing following I’ve developed so far by writing this blog and it’s already turning out to be a great decision for me. Please come back and check out my next post very soon!