Many of our readers have been getting in contact to discuss whether or not it is possible to recycling bikes for scrap and make some money from your old bicycles. I’m personally not aware of anywhere in the UK where this is possible, however I’ve seen a few resources about it being done in the US and further afield (Canada?). Some people have mentioned that bikes just weigh a lot anyway and so you can simply take your bike along to a scrap yard, have it weighed and then accept the amount of money that the dealer offers by weight. If this is not tickling your fancy, then perhaps you could help us out here at Curry Capital of Britain and do some research for yourself. If you find any good resources on this subject then please get in touch and let us know in the comments section below.


Recycling Folding Bikes

We did manage to find a website which is based upon the concept of recycling bikes, find out some more about this link here: http://www.re-cycling.co.uk/